Carbon Monoxide Detector
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Product Details

CO detector for intelligent home applications. It is mainly used to detect indoor CO content. It is connect to Dusun intelligent gateway through the Zigbee protocol, and transfer the sensor data to the Dusun cloud or the customer specified cloud.

Product Features:

1. Using the Greenpeak GP490 chip from Netherlands, uses the Greenpower ultra low power protocol for the communication protocol;

2. Ultra-long distance transmission up to 1km;

3. Ultra-low power, dry battery-powered, life up to 1 year;

4. Real-time battery life detection;

5. Response time is short, fast response alarm;

6. Easy and simple installation


Specific parameters

Wireless transmission protocol

Zigbee@greenpower (IEEE 802.15.4)

RF operating frequency band

Zigbee:2.390Ghz - 2.483Ghz

RF output power


RF accept sensitivity



Good coexistence performance with WiFi and other 2.4GHz wireless signal

Pairing key




Battery life

one year

Operating Voltage


LED indicator

Quantity: 1 Color: Red

Maximum transfer rate


Communication distance


Quiescent Current


Working current



CO monitor

Requires operating ambient temperature

-5ºC ~ 65ºC

Requires relative humidity



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