5 year old girl with a remote school behind dumbfounding

5 year old girl with a remote school behind dumbfounding

Primary school teacher: parents can accompany the children to read books and reduce the time of watching TV.

"In order to watch TV with her brother, the girl took the remote control to the kindergarten, and I was really crying." In November 2nd, Futian District kibing Ms. Tang told reporters, she did not know how to deal with her daughter likes watching TV thing.

Ms. Tang's daughter is sweet (the pseudonym) is 5 years old this year, go to the kindergarten class. In the morning of October 31st, the life teacher in the kindergarten sent a message to Ms. Tang, who said she found a TV remote control in her sweet bag. She said that she was afraid that her brother was watching TV with her, and secretly went to school with a remote controller.

Ms. Tang says sweet and sweet at home is particularly fond of cartoons. However, the elder brother of grade five in primary school is not the same as the TV program that is sweet to watch. The two people always grab the remote control at home. Because of this, Ms. Tang has no less "mediation". "I don't know what to do with my brother to watch the TV and take the remote control to the school." Ms. Tang told the reporter.

Mr. Guo, a primary school in the mountain district, said parents should guide their children to reduce the time to watch TV. Parents can try to run with their children in the morning and read with their children before going to bed.

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