Dump all kinds of remote control, LifeSmart intelligent control have talent and face value

Dump all kinds of remote control, LifeSmart intelligent control have talent and face value

With the increasing number of smart home appliances entering our life now, it has brought infinite convenience to our life and quietly changed our habits and habits. But every household appliance corresponds to a remote control. When you want to open the air conditioner, you can't find the remote control. You want to turn on the TV, but only the remote control of the electric curtains is found.

At this time, what you need most is a control center that can help you control your home's smart home appliances. The LifeSmart multi-function remote controller is such a control center. It can control the smart appliances in the family directly by using mobile phone APP and more than one phone. No need to worry about the remote controller at any time.

LifeSmart white compact body, where can not be adjusted, concave in the middle place can also put on a plant cultivation water, instantly become the embodiment of a beautiful potted basin.

In addition, it also has a very cool place, it is equipped with 360 degrees around the LED night light color, with color, let the night is no longer lonely.

After the appearance, let's take a look at its function. LifeSmart has 9 infrared light, infrared distance up to 8-18 meters, 360 degrees around the coverage, only need to put one in the living room, you can control the smart home appliances.

Not only that, it also has a library code matching mode, supporting thousands of infrared devices, but also has a learning mode, continuously updating your library code, and you can customize the remote control button.

The way of using is very simple. It only needs the mobile phone to download LifeSmart APP, configure it through WIFI and multi-function remote control, then configure the home infrared remote controller, let the cell phone learn the remote control function, and the phone can operate household electrical appliances with a key, and easily open smart life. It also supports the use of homekit.

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