Homebond Smart Gateway, Zigbee Technology,

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:HB-GW1

  • Type:Zigbee

  • Transfer Rate:250kb/S

  • Firewall:Firewall

  • Ports:65000

  • Port Structure:Modular

  • Application:Enterprise, SOHO

Product Description
Product Feature

1. ZigBee wireless communication method: Adopting ZigBee protocol and the wireless communication method of mesh network, a stable, reliable and safe system is established, so the signal can be forwarded between devices.

2. Self-organized network by self-retrieval: With the original simple connect technology, you don't need to configure system and network, and also match code. After powered up and accesses network, it can detect the controller by itself and complete the networking.

3. Support the real-time light status feedback: Base on bidirectional communication, it can feed back light status in real time; you can see the light status on the relevant software.

4. Connect Station intelligent cloud center: After the controller is accessed Station intelligent cloud center, you can control your home products by your voice and you can get the time and weather forecast.

5. Support local and remote control: You can control the lights, air conditioners, television, curtain, screen and other home products by the relevant software from local or remote.