What are the features of wireless POS machines?

1, high speed USB communication mode, more than 20 times faster than the serial port, true USB operation, without having to drive, Plug and play.

2, a sound module. Set book "mobile inventory", "moving performances", "mobile marketing", "mobile return" four functions in one. Summarize the book institutions based on the ISBN data management, new business process optimization, and this experience setting---in a software system called the management knowledge of crystals.

3, high adaptability. Supporting DBF, TXT, EXCEL, MARC a variety of file formats, and full support for all the books books software data.

4, unique, first book search solutions. Used book search can be used flexibly according to relocate operations.

5, compatible with old and new ISBN number. Automatic recognition of 10 or 13-digit ISBN number.

6, and mass data storage. Thick-wide "HK-906" systems easily accommodate 1 million HK-906 in bibliographic information.

7, large-screen displays. HK-906 to display 10*10 characters, single-screen field information-rich, eliminating redundant operations such as screen, scroll.