What is a gateway? What is a gateway?

Gateway (Gateway), also known as network connectors, protocol converter. Gateway above the network layer for network interconnection, is the most complex network interconnect devices, used only two higher-layer protocols of different network interconnection. Gateways can be used for wide area networks interconnect, and can also be used for LAN interconnect. Gateway is a computer system or device that acts as a transformation task. Use a different communication protocol, data format or language, even the architecture is completely different between the two systems, the gateway is a translator. Different from network bridge simply convey information, the gateway to repackage information received in order to meet the objective system requirements. --The application layer of the same layer.

Smart home network is to bring people in the information age and a high-tech product. It using the existing computer network technology, domestic appliances and equipment connected through network offers a variety of rich, diverse, personalized, convenient, comfortable, safe, and efficient service. Home Networking is an important part of the information society as a whole. Smart home network system as shown in Figure 1 below. Information exchange with the external information of the family within the family, where the purpose is undoubtedly the home networking. Its realization of need to design a residential gateway.