What is the leakage sensor? What is the role?

Liquefied gas leakage sensor is a very important safety device, it is safe to use town gas the last line of protection. Gas leak alarms by gas sensors to detect low concentration of combustible gas in the environment around, sampling circuits, signal using analog or digital transmission to the controller or control circuits, when the combustible gas concentration exceeds controller or when you set the value of control circuits, via actuator or circuit alarm signal or turn off gas valves and other action being performed

Combustible gas alarm detection of combustible gas sensors of metal-oxide semiconductor, catalytic combustion, hotline type gas sensor, and a small number of other types, such as a chemical battery sensor. These sensors are based on the environment of the combustible gas adsorption, chemical or electrochemical reaction on the sensor surface, causing the electric properties of the sensor changes. Liquefied petroleum gas leak sensors are widely used in urban security, residential, factories, companies, schools, homes, villas, warehouses, resources, petroleum, chemicals, gas transmission and distribution, and many other fields.