Analysis Of The Selection Of Precision Of Environmental Detection Sensor

Analysis of the selection of precision of Environmental Detection Sensor

After a period of time, the ability to maintain constant performance is called stability. The factors which affect the long-term stability of the sensor are mainly used in the environment except its structure. Therefore, it is necessary to have strong environmental adaptability to make the sensor have good stability. Before selecting the sensor, it should investigate its use environment, select the suitable sensor according to the specific use environment, or take appropriate measures to reduce the environmental impact.

Usually, within the linear range of the sensor, the higher the sensitivity, the better. Because only the sensitivity is high, the output signal corresponding to the measured signal is larger, which is good for signal processing. However, when the sensitivity is high, the external noise that is not related to the measurement can be amplified and affected the measurement accuracy. Therefore, the sensor itself should have a high signal-to-noise ratio and minimize the interference signals from the outside world. High precision environment detection sensor number of selection is based on the purposes of electronic weighing apparatus, the scale body needs support points (support points shall be according to the actual make the geometric center of gravity and center of gravity superposition principle and determine).

On the choice of sensor range on the basis of the scale biggest value, choose the number of Environmental Detection Sensor, the balance of body weight, can produce the largest partial load and dynamic load and other factors comprehensive evaluation to determine. According to experience, general should make sensors work within the range of 30% ~ 70%, but has a larger impact weighing apparatus, when choosing sensor, general to make the sensor work within the range of 20% ~ 30%, ability assures to be used for a sensor safety and service life.

High precision intelligent precision is an important performance index of Environmental Detection Sensor, which is an important link in measuring accuracy of the whole measurement system. The higher the accuracy of the sensor, the more expensive it is. Therefore, the accuracy of the Environmental Detection Sensor can be satisfied as long as the accuracy of the whole measurement system is satisfied. This allows for cheaper and simpler sensors in many of the sensors that meet the same measurement purposes. If the purpose of measurement is qualitative analysis, select the sensor with high repeatability, which is not suitable for high precision. If it is for quantitative analysis, precise measurements must be obtained, and the precision grade can meet the requirements of sensor weighing sensors.

The accuracy selection meets the following two conditions: 1. Meets the requirements of instrument input. The output of the sensor must be greater than or equal to the input signal required by the meter. 2. Meet the requirements of the accuracy of the whole electronic scale. An electronic scale consists of three parts, such as weighers, sensors and instruments, and the accuracy of the sensor should be slightly higher than that of theoretical calculation when choosing the sensor precision.

More warehouse space environment detection sensor solutions covering area is very large, and more space, generally for large storage area, according to different type of gas, targeted choose gas detector, the area covered by a * 30 = 64 + 1920 square metre 1920 square metre.

More warehouse space environment detection sensor USES the gas alarm host, can simultaneously through 8, 6, 4 road and realize the 64 wire, which means doing more than can take 64 combustible gas detector, at the same time also can take eight 4-20 ma signal output of combustible gas detectors. Optional accessories such as: alarm lamp, solenoid valve, exhaust fan, interconnected host etc.