Application Of Infrared Body Sensors In Power System

Application of Infrared Body Sensors in Power System
In front of Xiaobian have to share with you Infrared Body Sensors in the automotive industry in the application, in fact, Infrared Body Sensors itself is the same principle, is the precise conversion of the temperature into a signal transmission to the control system. We know that the operation of electric power equipment, temperature is a very important technical indicators, in the power equipment failure prediction and diagnosis work, Infrared Body Sensors is also playing a very important role in recent years, the application of fiber Infrared Body Sensors become The focus of the power system research. Xiaobian today with everyone to see under the fiber Infrared Body Sensors is how the power system in the heat.
Fiber Infrared Body Sensors based on optical signal transmission information, with insulation, anti-electromagnetic interference, high voltage and other advantages of the characteristics of the twentieth century, the 1970s developed a new temperature measurement technology. Foreign action is relatively fast, and in the country, fiber Infrared Body Sensors research is also in full swing with the. Universities, research institutes and companies to cooperate, research and development of a variety of optical fiber temperature measurement system has been put into the field application. According to the principle of work points, fiber Infrared Body Sensors can be divided into functional and transmission type two. Functional Infrared Body Sensors in the fiber as a sensor is also the carrier of optical signals, while the transmission type Infrared Body Sensors fiber is only transmitted optical signal. At present, the main fiber Infrared Body Sensors includes distributed fiber Infrared Body Sensors, Fiber Raster Point Infrared Body Sensors, Infrared Body Sensors, Infrared Body Sensors and so on. Which applications are mostly distributed fiber Infrared Body Sensors and fiber grating point Infrared Body Sensors.
The earliest Infrared Body Sensors, is a sensitive component of the discrete Infrared Body Sensors (thermocouple), mainly for non-power and power conversion between. Thermocouple sensor is the most widely used in industrial measurement of an Infrared Body Sensors, it is in direct contact with the measured object, from the middle of the medium, with high accuracy; wide range of measurement, from -50 ~ 160 ℃ Continuous measurement, special thermocouple such as gold and iron a nickel chromium, the lowest measurable -269 ℃, tungsten up to a maximum of 280 ℃.
The second phase of the Infrared Body Sensors is the analog integrated Infrared Body Sensors controller. Belonging to non-contact temperature measurement of temperature components, and the measured object does not contact each other. Commonly used is the principle of radiant heat exchange. This Infrared Body Sensors temperature measurement method is the main feature of the small state of motion can be measured and the heat capacity of small or rapid changes in the object, but also the temperature field temperature distribution, but by the impact of the environment is relatively large. Using silicon semiconductor integrated process, it is also known as silicon sensor or monolithic integrated Infrared Body Sensors. Analog integrated Infrared Body Sensors was introduced in the 1980s, it will Infrared Body Sensors integrated in a chip, can complete the temperature measurement and analog signal output and other functions. Analog integrated Infrared Body Sensors main features is a single function (only measure the temperature), the temperature error is small, low price, fast response, transmission distance, small size, micro-power, etc., suitable for long-range temperature, do not need to Non-linear calibration, the external circuit is simple.
Then there is the latest intelligent Infrared Body Sensors. Intelligent Infrared Body Sensors (also known as digital Infrared Body Sensors) was in the mid-20th century, the advent of the mid-90s. It is the crystallization of microelectronics, computer technology and automated testing technology (ATE). The Infrared Body Sensors includes Infrared Body Sensors, A / D converters, signal processors, memory (or registers), and interface circuitry. Some products also have multiple selectors, central controller (CPU), random access memory (RAM), and read only memory (ROM). Intelligent Infrared Body Sensors can output temperature data and related temperature control, adapt to a variety of microcontrollers (MCU), and can be achieved through the software test function, the intelligence depends on the level of software development.