Application Of Wireless Smart Gateway

Wireless gateway applications will be large. Its largest and most common application is to share a broadband network access in multiple PCS within the home. For example, children in the home can access the Web to learn about the school curriculum, while another family member can do shopping on the Internet at the same time. Multiple individuals can perform network operations simultaneously without waiting for others to complete the operation.

The application of the wireless gateway is not only high speed Internet access, broadband access in the future after entering the family, will bring more service content, is not only the access of the Internet, and hybrid video and audio stream video phone, and other interactive entertainment services, such as network game, etc. Wireless gateways will perform intelligent routing algorithms that allocate these information streams to devices such as phones, smart appliances, digital TVS and stereos. Advanced wireless gateway can be used, for example, the caller ID information to send a phone call to a phone in the family, the children call can only be sent to their room, or a phone call after 10 o 'clock in the evening (not including emergency number) can only be sent to far away from the place of the bedroom.

There are many new trends in the application of these techniques to the family. First, high-speed broadband Internet access into the home. About 1 percent of American households now own DSL and Cable modems, and by the end of 1999 there were more than 1 million American homes installed. Forrester research estimates that more than 20 million American households will have broadband access via DSL or Cable modems by 2003.

Second, the number of connected households will also grow rapidly. Jupiter is expected to have 15 million home networks. The development of the home network will be accelerated by the presence of multiple PCS within the family and the use of other electrical devices.