Choose The Wireless Remote Control You Fall Into These Errors?

Choose the wireless Remote Control you fall into these errors?
 Wireless Remote Control is a very common Remote Control products, to use it relative to the product is still relatively large, although the product is more of a class, but people in the choice of it, but the taste will fall into the misunderstanding :
        One, many users in the original Remote Control to match the new Remote Control mistakenly think of a look and the original Remote Control exactly the same Remote Control can be used, in fact, if this match, most of the Remote Control is not the original Remote Control of. In the choice of wireless Remote Control, select the same brand or four parameters (described later), remote appearance is not important.
  Second, many users often ask: how far away from your Remote Control? In fact, the Remote Control distance and receiver module sensitivity is necessarily related to the wireless Remote Control can not be how far away. In general, the same receiver module, the greater the transmission power of the Remote Control, the farther away, the same Remote Control, receiver module sensitivity and anti-interference ability, the farther away. Often said 50 meters Remote Control or 100 meters Remote Control, usually refers to the Remote Control of the open distance, that is, the ideal environment, there is no interference environment, and the premise must have a matching receiver or for some have a high sensitivity receiver module reception Device.
        I hope we summed up the issue of these wireless Remote Control can give you a reference role, so that when the choice of less errors and a little more choice.
Intelligent Remote Control because of its convenience of the big guy Tucao, each product needs to be connected through the mobile phone to control the home products, which give users a great deal of inconvenience, how to allow users to have a better experience, All home manufacturers are facing more problems. Intelligent Remote Control R & D was put on the agenda.
      Now the smart home market hot, but also to promote the development of a number of related industries, such as intelligent Remote Control production industry, and now the smart home system will be supporting a Remote Control, so many related enterprises are in line with intelligent home support facilities.
       The arrival of the intelligent era, the requirement is not only the technical content of the product, the quality is more important is to focus on the experience of end-users, and now the rapid development of the service industry, economic restructuring, from traditional manufacturing to service industry transformation, Internet transformation.
      Has been focused on Remote Control production, smart home products, smart bathroom projects and smart home theater project. Do these projects as early as those who have many such problems, we are also one by one to overcome, and later the quality of the product has also been a qualitative improvement! With the arrival of the era of intelligence, our lives only need a smart Remote Control will be able to control all the home appliances. Another life is more intelligent.
Mobile phone universal Remote Control specific operation method is the first point on the software interface, a button to remember the function of the key, and then in the air conditioning Remote Control to find the same function button and click, if successful, the phone will be effective sound tips, After you have finished learning all the function keys on the Remote Control, you can use the virtual Remote Control on your phone to control the air conditioner. It should be noted that, with the phone Remote Control air conditioning, due to the limited distance of infrared transmission, so the phone and air conditioning to keep 1-2 meters away, too far will not be able to Remote Control.