Chronic Disease Management System For The Elderly

Solution Outline

Do you still worry about the health management information

The elderly chronic disease management system is a modern era of big data health management platform, terminal + data + services Trinity system.

Terminal intelligence, data cloud platform, service interconnection is its basic characteristics. He collected the patient's information remotely through the terminal intelligent equipment,

Upload to the data cloud platform to achieve remote diagnostic analysis, and provide the corresponding advice.


Scheme introduction

Scheme description

Mainly through the intelligent terminal equipment, collecting the data of the chronic diseases of the elderly, based on the health cloud data, to build a government led, social organizations to actively participate in the health care ecosystem.

It can not only meet the concerns of social groups for health care, but also stimulate the active participation of community health care, enterprises, institutions and social service organizations.

Use objects and scenes

The main purpose of this program is to use the elderly with chronic diseases;

Common scene:

1 elderly people with chronic diseases at home alone, worried about other causes of chronic illness, not assured;

2 morning, the amount of relevant data, to prevent chronic diseases quietly away of life for the elderly

3 elderly people forget to take care of chronic diseases, real-time will bring danger

4 chronic disease drugs have a curative effect, can not have a good data support;

5 children out, worried about the elderly, but can not understand the situation of the elderly


The elderly chronic diseases management platform of grief for you!

Meaning and value

Elderly management platform for the elderly chronic disease management, reduce the elderly due to slow disease, and was taken away from life.

Let alone old people also enjoy the warmth. To promote the harmonious society, achieve a sense of security Chinese dream.

Function description

Function introduction

Elderly chronic disease management platform, there are 10 main functions:

1 member management

Cloud data analysis + remote monitoring, 1+N member management model

2 health records

User add symptom information, upload hospital inspection report, doctor's advice and message

3 health assessment report

Health reports can be automatically generated by week / month / year, support online browsing, paper printing

4 service customization, task tracking

Implementation mode: "cloud data analysis + remote monitoring" 1+N service model

5 specialist training

Features include training column settings, exam / mock exam / test message, study report upload, industry consulting, etc.

6 medical care and social circle

The user and the health commissioner can establish a real-time communication circle between the Commissioner, the user, the family members, to the user's health

7 medication reminders, detection reminders

Remote or local settings medication reminder and blood sugar, blood pressure monitoring reminder, time to remind the user

8 medication guidance, efficacy evaluation

According to the specific state of health of users, the personalized medication plan was given, and the effect of the scheme was evaluated

9 diet, exercise personalized intervention program

10 data analysis

Program features

1 with a flexible: all systems of traditional Chinese medicine products can be worn with flexible user,

An intelligent center (Gateway) plus a wearable device can be composed of a minimum system, the user can customize the flexible collocation, suitable for detection of various chronic diseases;

2 remote health information view: users can remotely view their parents' physical health, but also can supervise their parents to take medicine.

3 easy to use: easy to use, light and handy. Can not be used to start, do not need to do more to understand, after the automatic data analysis platform.

4 automatically generate health reports, health reports no longer need to go to the hospital, a key generation.

5 according to the system data can be developed corresponding to the program.

System composition

The aged chronic disease system consists of application software APP and hardware system;

1 users can download the on the APP, install it on their own, and do the registration in accordance with the instructions.

2 smart home system consists of gateways and 2 sensors as well as 4 healthy wearable devices


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