Environmental Monitoring Sensor Which Is Divided Into Several,

Environmental Detection Sensor What is the application of the environmental monitoring sensor?

  I. Overview

  With the deepening of energy conservation and emission reduction in our country and the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, environmental monitoring sensors play an increasingly important role in our daily production and life. It is expected that by 2020, the scale of the mainstream gas sensor industry will reach more than 60 billion yuan.

  Environmental Detection Sensor Second, the classification of environmental monitoring sensors

  According to the application areas, environmental monitoring sensors are mainly divided into three categories.

  The first is the use of sensors for analytical instruments, mainly for environmental monitoring stations, environmental testing or measurement of calibration agencies, research institutes and other instruments used, characterized by high precision, large size, expensive, foreign brands occupy the mainstream market.

  Environmental Detection Sensor The second category is the industrial environment monitoring sensor, including the job site indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring, indoor operating environment according to the different monitoring of organic steam, combustible gases such as flammable or explosive or toxic and harmful gases; outdoor monitoring emissions VOC concentration, Gas, benzene, toluene and other pollutants. At present, the field of domestic and imported products each half.

  The third category is the civilian environment monitoring sensors, mainly for residential home indoors or shopping malls, stations, airports, schools, roads and other common business premises. With the recent emphasis on the importance of breathing, the rapid development of the field. Such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC and other related sensors

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