Function Introduction Of Attendance Machine

Function introduction of attendance machine

Real-time attendance inquiry: In any case, without any attendance settings, can inquire real-time staff's card-swiping records (including card-swiping person, time, nature of card-swiping, window number) and non-hired staff, can also be conditional inquiry part or all staff's card-swiping records (such as: input work number, date and time) You can check the staff's credit card details during this time period.

Basic attendance processing: according to the pre-defined attendance settings can process all kinds of attendance data, automatically judge the late, early departure, absentee personnel and effective card-punching time details. For example, you can independently inquire about late arrival, early departure, absenteeism and effective time to punch card details, abnormal punch card data, etc., in these inquiry functions can be queried according to conditions; Late and early departure inquiry function can also be entered in the corresponding number of minutes, in order to inquire more than this number of people.

A variety of attendance statistics: real-time statistics of staff to work, overtime, late, early departure, leave, absence and other related attendance information (which records the number of employees abnormal attendance and minutes) to form a comprehensive summary report, but also according to the conditions (date, work number, department, etc.) for statistical work.

Automatic deduction statistics: According to attendance and attendance settings, can automatically count all employees within a certain time range of attendance should be deducted, convenient for salary calculation.

Automatic overtime statistics: according to the staff overtime card time and enterprise scheduling overtime, automatic statistics of employees'actual overtime and scheduling overtime, flexible to adapt to various enterprises overtime statistics.

Dealing with abnormal matters: the staff who punch cards due to business delays can be dealt with by making up the card, the staff who take leave can be dealt with by taking time off, the time change of a certain personnel and a certain shift can be adjusted by working hours, and the number of days off will be automatically calculated by the end of the month.

Flexible shift settings: according to the actual situation of the enterprise can flexibly set the number of shifts, the standard commuting time of each shift, shift, shift settings.

Flexible card restriction: it can flexibly set the effective card-punching time of each shift, and prevent employees from punching cards at will, so that management is more convenient and reasonable, and employees are organized and disciplined.

Flexible attendance settings: according to the actual situation within the enterprise can be arbitrarily set the number of assessment fields (such as: late, serious late, early leave, serious early leave, absence, etc.), each field corresponds to the assessment time range and assessment object; and each field, each shift (managers, workers) for different penalties amount

Automatic judgment of work card: the system automatically determines whether the data of employees'punching card is work card or off-work card according to the settings, without human intervention.

Different colors indicate that the system automatically determines the time of late and early departure according to the data of employees'punching cards and the working hours already set, and uses different colors to indicate late and early departure.

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