Gas Leakage Sensor Is A Very Important Gas Safety Device

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   Gas Leakage sensor is very important for gas safety equipment, it is safe to use the last protection of city gas. Gas leak alarm through the gas sensor to detect low concentrations of combustible gas in the surrounding environment, the leakage sensor through the sampling circuit, the detection signal with analog or digital transmission to the controller or control circuit, when the combustible gas concentration exceeds the controller or control circuit , The controller sends an alarm signal through an actuator or an execution circuit or performs an action such as closing a gas valve.

   Flammable gas detectors Flammable gas sensors are mainly oxide semiconductor type, leak sensor catalytic combustion type, hot wire type gas sensor, there are a small number of other types, such as chemical battery type sensor. These sensors are through the adsorption of combustible gases in the surrounding environment, chemical reactions or electrochemical reactions on the surface of the sensor, resulting in changes in the electrical properties of the sensor. Gas leak alarm is widely used in urban security, community, factories, companies, schools, families, villas, warehouses, resources, oil, chemicals, gas transmission and distribution, and other fields.