Gather And Integrate Leakage Sensor To Develop New Trend

Gather and integrate Leakage sensor to develop new trend

With the maturity of emerging technologies, Leakage sensors play an increasingly important role in production and life. Leakage sensor application is increasingly wide in China, the industrial clusters formed individually, as a kind of emerging technology is closely related to modern science, Leakage sensors to get rapid development in recent years, and in the industrial automation measurement and testing technology, space technology, military engineering, medical diagnosis and other disciplines are more and more widely used.

With MEMS and the technical progress of laser technology, high-tech materials, Leakage sensors increasingly diversified trend, some use of biological materials simulation human skin, innovation Leakage sensor touch; Some use MEMS technology to develop micro-intelligent Leakage sensor, which can facilitate the integration of complex systems. Some use high precision laser technology to create lidar, so that the system can perceive the surrounding obstacles and environment in real time and so on.

At present, China's Leakage sensors can be divided into four categories: industry, automotive electronics, communication electronics and consumer electronics. Among them, the industrial and automotive electronics products use Leakage sensors for about 42%, and the fastest growing is the automotive electronics and telecommunications electronic applications market. According to use can be divided into force sensitive Leakage sensor, thermal Leakage sensors, humidity sensitive Leakage sensors, magnetic susceptibility Leakage sensor leakage, leakage gas sensitive sensor, acceleration sensor, biological Leakage sensor, etc.

From the development of the Leakage sensor related enterprises, small and scattered is the significant characteristic of the current Leakage sensor industry. Ministry statistics, by the end of 2015, China is engaged in the Leakage sensor production and research and development of enterprises, institutions, a total of more than 1700, is engaged in production of MEMS development, the enterprise has more than 170, in which small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for about 94%.

In recent years, the Leakage sensor industry in China has formed a long triangle, pearl river delta, northeast China, Beijing and tianjin industrial clusters. Industry insiders say that with the merger and restructuring of industry companies, the industrial landscape will further converge.

Yangtze river delta region, centered on Shanghai, wuxi, nanjing, gradually formed, including thermal, magnetic susceptibility, images, weighing, photoelectric, comparatively complete leakage, such as temperature, gas sensitive sensor system and industrial supporting production. The pearl river delta region, mainly based in shenzhen city center, is composed of foreign-funded enterprises in nearby small and medium-sized cities with a Leakage sensor industry system with thermal sensitivity, magnetic sensitivity, ultrasonic wave and weight.

The northeast region, mainly shenyang, changchun and Harbin, mainly produces MEMS force sensitive Leakage sensor, gas sensitive Leakage sensor and humidity sensitive Leakage sensor. The beijing-tianjin region, mainly in universities and colleges, is engaged in the research and development of new Leakage sensors, filling the domestic gap in some fields. Beijing has established a key laboratory of micron/nanometer state.

The central region, give priority to with zhengzhou, wuhan, taiyuan, mode, in the combination of the PTC/NTC thermistor, leakage of inductive digital level sensor and gas Leakage sensors such as industry development situation is good. Zhengzhou Hui sheng technology has five major categories, more than 200 varieties of Leakage sensor, Leakage sensors and provide complete solutions and services, has gradually developed into a Leakage sensor leading enterprises.