Hotel Intelligent Management

Solution Outline

Lock into place, invincible

Hotel intelligent management program is the use of intelligent hardware platform with the management of the hotel or rental occupancy, as well as energy-saving management for intelligent management,

The program is mainly to help promote the wisdom of Tradition Hotel and intelligent management of the short rent.

Scheme introduction

Scheme description

The program is based on intelligent locks, smart curtains, smart lights and other intelligent hardware, relying on the background management platform,

The realization of the hotel (rental) of intelligent occupancy and energy management.

Use objects and scenes

The main purpose of this package is the need to upgrade the Tradition Hotel and short rental

Use scenario

1 room card trouble: customer room card is lost, go out and forget to bring the card, check the flow process, etc.

2 waste of energy: customers forget to turn off the electrical equipment, and deliberately insert cards and other cards have been taking electricity.

DUSUN hotel intelligent management solutions to solve the above problems

Meaning and value

The significance of hotel intelligent management program is as follows:

A password lock, intelligent occupancy, so that more comfortable and convenient stay

Two, automatically adapt to no one state, adjust the operation of equipment status, energy management

Three, custom scenarios, so that customers enjoy the fun of housing.

Function description

Function introduction

Hotel intelligent management program in line with the "better occupancy management, better skills management" R & D philosophy,

The whole system includes a number of parts of the product, through the management platform for reasonable control, intelligent occupancy, energy saving and other functions,

The system includes: 1 door lock management system; 2 intelligent control system.

Program features

1, lock platform management: remote password, link payment platform

2, intelligent control management: smart lights and the use of intelligent curtains can be customized to create a scene

3, energy saving management: real time no one state monitoring, remote control of electrical equipment switch.

4, the appearance of beautiful: intelligent equipment appearance, suitable for modern aesthetic.

System composition

The hotel intelligent management scheme consists of two parts: Lock platform management and intelligent control management

System advantage

Hotel intelligent management program is the advantage of the background management platform to solve the real user pain points, making it more in line with the actual needs of the use of the process.


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