How To Extend The Life Of Attendance Machines

How to extend the life of Attendance Machines
Attendance Machines is very important to a unit, you can ensure that the company's management, to avoid the work of employees late work to produce, you can play the role of supervisors and employees. Want to let the Attendance Machines for a long time to use it, then during use You need to do some work, so that we can play to extend the role of life Attendance Machines.First of all we need to put in a reasonable position above, do not put the sun below the exposure, or will lead to internal and screen aging The problem is only placed in a reasonable position above to be able to show better results. Second is the need to pay attention to the mode of operation, need to operate on request, can not be random operation, operational errors may lead to failure, only normal Operation can guarantee the use of the effect, to avoid damage to the problem.Finally, it is noted that the protection of the problem, it is best to wear a jacket outside the Attendance Machines can effectively prevent the entry of dust can also play a protective role, this Just like the phone shell is the same, the Attendance Machines to protect the appearance, so that the Attendance Machines can be used to life Extended.
Nowadays, many large and small companies are using fingerprint Attendance Machines, mainly used to record the status of employees to work a machine, with it, can greatly reduce the staff absenteeism, so that the company's work Efficiency is improved. The benefits of using this machine is very much, the following Xiaobian will be summarized for everyone to introduce the benefits of fingerprint Attendance Machines.The first advantage is to avoid the phenomenon of punch card, because the fingerprint is the unique characteristics of the human body , Its complexity is not difficult to imitate us out, used to identify is very good.The second advantage is that the stability of the fingerprint is relatively strong, it is difficult to change, unless the fingers were injured or peeling, under normal circumstances are The third advantage is that the staff can be carried out smoothly, in a long time before the use of the card system, this way it is easy to forget to carry the card, but the fingerprint is not forgotten, you can facilitate staff punch. Four benefits is the ability to identify, fingerprint Attendance Machines in the use of only when the fingerprint should be covered in the above can let people successfully identify, the use of speed and Do not ability is very strong.
Attendance Machines in the usual use of the process will be contaminated with dust and oil, if not clean up will lead to fingerprints can not hit the situation, in order to allow you to clean in a timely manner, let Xiaobian let us introduce the Attendance Machines cleaning Method. The first method is the need to use stickers in the sweep screen above the sticky, sticky when the need to carefully, not only the need to stick to the screen, but also need to clean all the gaps, this way The second method is to use glasses cloth and detergent to wipe, you need to spray a little detergent on top of the cloth, and then gently wipe, do not be on the cleaning agent on the top, or will Resulting in internal water, there can not continue to use the problem. The third method is to use air guns to clean, need to let the air gun on the surface of the Attendance Machines blowing, dust can quickly blow away, the effect is very good. Above is the Attendance Machines common several cleaning methods, we can choose according to their own situation, the appropriate method can be smooth and clean, to avoid stains affect the machine The normal use.
Now the most widely used on the market is a type of fingerprint Attendance Machines, this type of operation is more convenient, mainly by recording the fingerprints of employees to identify, you can avoid the phenomenon of staff on behalf of the punch card. We are in the purchase of fingerprint Attendance Machines The first time is the function, fingerprint Attendance Machines is not only used to punch, but also need to receive data, only after receiving the data, the only time to pay attention to the data, It is necessary to pay attention to the number of staff attendance, we must pay attention to the function, and some fingerprint Attendance Machines is required to connect the computer can be transmitted, this type of operation is very difficult, should choose a built-in transmission, So that it can reduce their own difficulty.The second is to pay attention to the fingerprint Attendance Machines manufacturer's after-sales service, because it is a high-precision machines, so the use of the process often there are some problems, only high-quality after-sales service Can be timely to help their own solution, to avoid problems caused by the trouble after the things that can be high quality after-sales service and To solve the problem.