How To Properly Use The Leakage Sensor

How to properly use the Leakage sensor

I. Overview

    With the change of time, the rapid development of China's electronic weighing, in the large scale, the heavy-duty long truck carrier truck is generally put into use, some new problems have appeared in front of us. Especially due to the impact of thermal expansion and contraction of the steel structure and the length of the changes, one will directly make the Leakage sensor can not transmit force values vertically; the second is to affect the size of the gap limit device, or even top dead. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement performance, what structure should be selected Leakage sensor is the article to convey the guiding ideology. At present, Leakage sensors for large scale instruments are: column Leakage sensor, bridge Leakage sensor, double shear beam hoist Leakage sensor, axisymmetric torsional ring leakage sensor, spoke leakage sensor.

Second, the characteristics of several leakage sensors

1, column Leakage sensor

Advantages: compact structure, relatively strong overload capacity, high natural dynamic response fast, easy to install, low manufacturing costs.

Disadvantages: anti-lateral and partial load capacity is poor (double diaphragm structure is better), the inherent linearity is poor, the leakage sensor is not easy to fixed and easy to rotate.

Column Leakage sensor due to the above advantages, the current use of the truck scale is more, but its shortcomings can not be avoided. In view of the poor lateral and eccentric load capacity of column Leakage sensors, some companies' product samples are specifically recommended for "not affecting metering performance".

    In practical applications, because the carrier is composed of multiple sections, the carrier may not change so much, but at least give the designer a reference basis for the design should consider the length of the carrier length, not because of temperature changes, So that the length of the carrier changes beyond the allowable displacement of the leakage sensor unit, thus affecting the measurement performance of the product.

    There is also a situation in which the Leakage sensor is constantly spinning in use, and even the cable is pulled off. Why does the column Leakage sensor installed on the truck scale produce a rotation? In the automatic track on the use of a long history, and the installation site rarely spin phenomenon? This is because the automatic track balance of the general length of only 3.7m ~ 4m, the limit is used in the pull-type structure, making the carrier in the horizontal state of the basic state is not moving, while ensuring that the role of vertical force does not affect. And the truck scale carrier length is relatively large, the use of the limit device is horizontal state allows the carrier to have a certain displacement, so that the leakage sensor may also be shaking. That is, in this constant shaking, the cable is constantly being wound on the Leakage sensor until it is pulled off.

    The third is the partial load component of the problem, why the use of column leakage sensor truck scale difference (ie: partial load error) is relatively large? Although it is related to the "boundary condition" effect brought by the processing of the carrier, but from the theoretical point of view, due to thermal expansion and contraction of the loader at both ends of the column leakage sensor tilt, , The greater the weighing value caused by the greater the bias load error. At the same time, this component is also related to the height of the Leakage sensor, the height of the large amount of leakage sensor relative to the amount of small, low relative impact on the amount of large.

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