How To Use Wireless POS

1. Businessmen select the "consumption" function on the wireless POS machine and conduct a simple audit of the bank cards provided by customers.

2. Carry out swipe card operation and press "confirm" health;

3. After the prompt of "credit card amount" appears on the POS display screen, enter the amount and press the "confirmation" button.

4. After the prompt of "input password" appears on the POS display screen, please input the password and press the "confirmation" button.

5. POS machine prompts transaction processing, at this time POS terminal is sending message to bank, waiting for response message;

6. If the card is swiped successfully, the POS side shows that the transaction is successful, and the vouchers are printed automatically. Please sign and check the vouchers.

7. If the card swipe is unsuccessful, the POS side shows the reason for the transaction failure and explains it to the customer.

If it is necessary to do consumer revocation on wireless POS, the operation process of consumer revocation is roughly as follows:

1. Select the "consumer revocation" function at the wireless POS terminal. POS will prompt the operator in charge to enter the password. At this time, the operator in charge must enter the password.

Code and confirm;

2. The POS side prompts to enter the original transaction flow number, input the transaction flow number and confirm it.

3. Find the original transaction in the current batch of transactions, then the POS side will display the original transaction information and swipe the card according to the POS side prompt.

4. POS prompts you to enter your password, and according to the prompt, you can enter your password.

5. At this time, the POS side will prompt that the consumer revocation is being processed and waiting for a response.

6. The POS side will display the successful transaction and print the vouchers when the revocation operation is successfully processed.

7. Check vouchers and sign.