Intelligent Entrance Guard System

Solution Outline

Change from the "door" to start

Access control system related to the company, the employee's property security, related to the settlement of wages, with the interests of the unit,

Intelligent attendance management is also a simple embodiment of enterprise management level.

Scheme description

The intelligent access control system consists of the host, the card reader and the lock component (external computer and networking communication converter),

Read the card is a non-contact card reading mode, as long as the cardholder card in the vicinity of the card to shake once, the reader can be aware of the card and the card information (card) sent to the host,

The host checks the validity of the card and then decides whether to open the door. As long as the entire process within the effective range of credit card access control functions can be achieved.

The card reader is installed inside the door wall, without affecting its work. Induction card for read-only attribute, not easy to copy, safe and reliable, long life (non-contact card reading way to reduce the mechanical wear of the card to zero).

And through the communication adapter (RS485) real-time monitoring and computer (the computer instructions on / off all the doors, and real-time view all the state of the door), data processing, query, report output.

The host system can be used 2/3G, WIFI and other ways to connect to the cloud database, you can do the dynamic monitoring of the entry and exit status.

Use objects and scenes

The system can be used in factories, schools, health care and other enterprises and institutions, the main feature is that the guardian can remotely view access control,

And can and monitoring, rolling mill linkage. The main application scenarios are:

1 students to enter and leave the home of the circular notice;

2 employees with punch, while using the camera can monitor the generation time;

3 district personnel access to the entrance of the monitoring.

Attendance attendance of 4 training institutions;

5 large factory staff attendance management;


Meaning and value

The system can effectively solve the problem of the factory in the installation of the system, the use of WIFI and 2/3G communication can provide a flexible solution for the enterprise attendance,

Reduce the investment of the enterprise, especially do not have the INTERNET network wiring conditions, can let them use scientific methods to manage the team, and the camera, rolling mill linkage,

To reduce the occurrence of violations of the attendance of resort to deceit, behavior, and connections to the cloud, so that we can inform the guardian, "outside the body, the heart of the family".

Function description

Intelligent, convenient, safe and efficient

Function introduction

Intelligent attendance system is mainly composed of wireless punch machine, NFC card, SIM card networking, cloud database;

Smart card machine is mainly responsible for receiving data transmission, clock and WIFI 2/3G network connection, signal output access ancillary equipment.

SIM card: can not talk, but the data can be transferred to the Internet of things for special equipment, mainly used to connect to the network, the data upload;

Cloud database: mainly responsible for data storage, data processing;

Program features

The biggest feature of the program is that you do not need network cabling, access to a variety of NFC cards, you can background data analysis, access to third party applications,

For example, the child's admission, automatic notification of school attendance, attendance notification system, payment settlement system, etc..

System composition

The main part of the system is DUSUN and intelligent punch device, the user can according to the actual needs of flexible collocation peripherals,

At the same time, according to our interface, flexible access to a variety of software;

System advantage

Advantages: wireless communications, multi port reservation, cloud data processing, personalized

1 wireless communication, the two access, free switching

2 allow multi device access, multi port reservation

3 cloud data processing

4 personalized development support



Usage method

Users please: HTTP://WWW.TVLINKER.COM download APP and instructions, installation, please watch the video or check the installation instructions;

In 1 the need to open the installed position by Qin punch punch machine, and do the work connected peripherals; types and permissions set 2 card background;

3 access to the use of software; 4 user card registration and authority update; summary analysis of the 5 data;

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