Intelligent Remote Control Scheme

Solution Outline

Intelligent remote control, arbitrary

Intelligent remote control program is the use of BLE, 2.4G, RF4CE, Wifi and other wireless protocols to achieve control of the TV or set-top box, and the integration of voice,

Mouse, touch and other new features to enhance the user's sense of comfort, to achieve a modern and comfortable life experience.

Scheme introduction

Scheme description

DUSUN intelligent remote control program is based on wireless communications, the voice of the customer needs to increase voice,

The utility model has the advantages of air mouse, touch, etc. the utility model is suitable for the occasions of the remote control of the home television and the matching set-top box. DUSUN remote control program is also in the forefront of the industry,

Thus DUSUN intelligent remote control by the industry's major TV manufacturers love.

Use objects and scenes

The main purpose of this scheme is to use the remote control for the intelligent TV set and the set-top box;

Common scene:

1, the remote control can only be used on TV or set-top box;

Watch TV in bed 2, winter, want to exchange, do not want to hand out for Taiwan

3 evening, do not turn on the lights but want to search programs, but it is dark to see the key

4, always change the battery is too troublesome

5, want to sing at home KTV


You just need an intelligent remote control!

Meaning and value

The use of intelligent remote control can improve the quality of life, allowing users to enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience.

At the same time, the intelligent remote controller can make people feel the quality of life brought by science and technology in daily life.


Function description

Function introduction

DUSUN intelligent remote control program in line with the user more comfortable and simple operation of the R & D philosophy, the product is simple and practical,

Simple operation, including a variety of functions are: mouse, voice, touch and other functions.

Program features

1, ultra low power consumption: uA static power consumption, ultra long battery life

2, the use of distance: 15m above the use of distance to meet the vast majority of usage scenarios, and compared with the traditional infrared remote control, the direction of intelligent remote controller has better, without aligning the TV, all directions can be used very well.

3, a variety of new features: powerful voice function, search program more convenient; somatosensory, air mouse function to enhance human-computer interaction.

4, appearance: more suitable for modern aesthetic.

System composition

The intelligent remote controller is composed of a wireless part, a power supply part and a voice function block.

System advantage

DUSUN intelligent remote control program is simple and convenient to use, reliable products.


Usage method

After the installation of the battery, according to the instructions to use, simple operation

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