Life With Wisdom Begins With Smart Locks

In the past, communications technology was underdeveloped, and it was hard to know the outside world. Now has been the emergence of Internet technology, this pattern of people's field of vision is not limited to their lives, through the network can put people in every corner of the world are connected, as long as there is a computer to a mobile phone, even if never leave home to also can know the outside world has the latest news.

"I can't think of it." This sentence completely explains the current high-tech era. Especially since the reform and opening up of our country has witnessed the scientific and technological achievements.

We don't need to go out now can bring to their online purchase needed supplies to go out, also need not in my wallet out his phone and pay treasure to pay directly or WeChat scan, go out not convenient, as long as open the phone drops a taxi APP, near where the taxi driver will come to you...... More and more similar high-tech products are permeating our lives.

With the rapid development of domestic science and technology economy and the improvement of national quality of life, citizens have a higher pursuit of their own quality of life. Family environment security has always been a social customs notice point problem of the people's livelihood, lock is the first entrance of the family, so the locks also as a home's first line of defense, security products in the family in lock status detachment, along with the social background to promote the extension of artificial intelligence technology to develop

The smart locks that come are popular with the people.

According to the survey, the penetration rate of smart lock families in foreign countries is more than 50%, and the penetration rate of smart lock households is about 3% after the national economic condition has been increased. But from a technical perspective, foreign intelligence lock technology does not change much over the years, very few intelligent lock can use bluetooth induction opened the door lock body, or a password, fingerprint door lock, mostly stay in development

Advanced electronic lock stage. And the domestic smart lock, can connect with the network wireless connection and the mobile phone linkage operation, install the smart lock no matter where, connect the network to be able to grasp the family security situation. The domestic intelligent lock technology is in the leading position in the world, the more humanized function setting, promotes the national to the intelligent lock to need to consume consciousness, the sales volume of the intelligent lock has doubled in recent years.

The popularity of smart locks has become the standard of modern hotels. The hotel USES smart locks to improve the efficiency of employees and save the cost of hotel labor. Gradually, the company also installed smart locks, improving the management efficiency of employees, effectively preventing outsiders from easily entering the company's internal environment. So what is the role of smart locks in our home?

Smart locks save us a lot of trouble:

When I was in a hurry to go to work and closed the door, I found that I forgot to bring my keys. I could not turn back the lock. If I called the lockmaster at once, I would be late for work if I solved the problem. Come back to let the lockmaster to open the lock, the work is not at ease, afraid of a person to sneak in. It really puts us in a quandary.

The old man went out for a walk and lost his keys, worried that he might not know whether he had been stolen by someone with a heart, and changed the new lock.

On business trips, worry about whether the kids at home are getting home on time.

If you want to travel with your family, you will have to worry about the safety of your family's property.

These troubles, need only a smart lock can all solve.

Intelligent lock has set up many functions for our life scene, making our home life more safe and warm, and improving the quality of our life in all aspects.

Intelligent lock many open lock way, go out at all need not take the key, put an end to forget to take the key to lose the key to worry.

The smart lock has the function of phonetic learning, which teaches the method of smart lock usage throughout the whole process. It is easy to understand, and the elderly and children can also quickly get to work.

Intelligent lock can lock all members of the information input to the intelligent system and valuables, children come home from school start smart locks the door, intelligent lock system would bring the child's name, time to go home, to open the door, in the form of information sent to the user's phone, and automatically store information in the cloud is convenient customer view at any time.

Intelligent lock and a variety of security triggered alarm function, once someone is opening smart locks, violence, intelligent lock system corresponding internal start alarm function, the scene of a loud alarm, criminals to hear voice immediately fled, effectively ensure the security of user family property, users will also be in the first place receives alarm message of smart locks, forward in a timely manner to the business manager to inform the security guard to the scene to seize criminals. Travel later and enjoy the fun of the trip.

In addition to these, smart locks can also interact with other smart home product scenarios, such as smart lighting, smart air conditioning, smart TV, smart Windows, etc., to optimize our home living environment.

The smart locks integrating technology, safety and convenience have become the guardians of our happy life at home.