POS Operation Steps

To get a POS machine, you have to start it first, press the red cancel button to release your finger when you hear the first sound and wait for it to go online. After the online success, you will be prompted to press any key to check in, and then you will be prompted to enter the operator number (), press the confirmation key and then you will be prompted to enter the operator password (), after the successful input will be entered. Operation of the main interface, there are consumption, revocation, return, pre authorization and other prompts.

POS operation steps

Because its standby time is limited, when the UnionPay interface appears, press the function key to return to the interface just before, then enter the number 1 before consumption, then there will be two options for you to choose, 1, debit card consumption 2, credit card consumption, I use the debit card of Agricultural Bank of China to operate a large number of people, press it on The corresponding number 1 enters the debit card consumption interface, prompting you to swipe the card, facing yourself downward according to the operation of the card magnetic bar, slightly and uniformly across the bank card from left to right, and then press the confirmation key to enter the amount () and then press the confirmation button to prompt you to enter the Confidential Code, Confidential Code is your bank card password, in the input Before entering the password, both parties confirm the amount, enter the password, and after the confirmation is successful, the voucher will be printed automatically. Then the voucher will be slightly tilted and torn down, and then the customer's name will be signed by the cardholder under the voucher and handed over to the finance office. Then the above will be prompted: press any key to continue, that is. Click on any number to print again, this certificate is kept by the customer himself.

POS operation steps

If you find a mistake in the amount input, press the function key to appear in the main interface, press the number 2 to select the revocation, after confirmation will prompt you to enter the password, after the success of the input prompt you to enter the original voucher number, the voucher number in the middle of the voucher, enter the voucher number, press the confirmation will appear the original bank card transaction information, again press the confirmation key, this Enter the card number and swipe the card can be, the way to swipe the card is the same as the above, then press the confirmation key will prompt you to enter the bank card password, press the confirmation after the input, will automatically print the voucher, the next operation as above consumer operation steps. Here to remind you that the revocation operation is only effective on the day of consumption, some other operations because not much use here will not give you more demonstration, according to the above prompt operation is OK.

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