Setting Gateway


Manual settings are suitable for a relatively small number of computers, and TCP/IP parameters are basically unchanged. For example, there are only a few computers to more than ten computers. Because this method needs to set "default gateway" on every computer on the network, it is very hard, once the IP address of the default gateway must be modified because of migration and other reasons, it will bring a lot of trouble to the network management, so it is not recommended.

In Windows 9x, the way to set the default gateway is to right-click on the "online neighbor", click "property" in the pop-up menu, select the "TCP/IP Protocol" in the network property dialog box, click "property", and fill in the new default IP address in the default gateway tab.

What we need to pay special attention to is that the default gateway must be the IP address in the network segment of the computer itself, and cannot fill in the IP address in other network segments.


Automatic setting is to use DHCP server to automatically allocate IP address, subnet mask and default gateway to computers in the network. The advantage of this is that once the default gateway of the network changes, as long as the default gateway setting in the DHCP server is changed, all the computers in the network have obtained the new IP address of the new default gateway. This method is suitable for network with large scale and TCP/IP parameters may change.

Another way to automatically get the gateway is to automatically get the client program by installing the proxy server software (such as MS Proxy), and its principles and methods are similar to the DHCP. Because of the limit of length, it is no longer detailed.

If we start looking at routing knowledge, it will be easy to understand.

Enter the command line mode:

C:\>route print

There will be a route: the IP interface of the default gateway (machine's IP) hops.

For example, my machine: 1

It means that all packets that need to be forwarded are sent through the default gateway's IP (Interface), and of course, the return is also from there.

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