Smart Home Intelligent Gateway Is Home Intelligent Heart

Smart Home Gateway Home intelligent gateway is the heart of home intelligent, through it to achieve the system information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and other functions. Now the router and TV box integration technology has been achieved. Recently launched a cross-border integration of intelligent wireless product hacker H3, it is set high-definition IPTV, private cloud, smart home, intelligent wireless routing, multi-screen games and other functions in one, JCG will be positioned as "smart home gateway "

    Smart Home Gateway According to the characteristics of China's power grid and the actual situation of residential electricity, self-developed to meet the family intelligent electricity service-related equipment, not only to regulate intelligent electricity services to promote the user side of the smart grid construction is of great significance, and can bring good social benefits And economic benefits.

From the social benefits, smart grid user side services and user-oriented information services, the application and promotion of these devices will bring good social benefits; intelligent electricity residential equipment applications to improve the efficiency of government management of the residents; Electric district equipment, improve the reliability, availability and overall efficiency of the entire power grid. From the economic considerations, for the country to save investment in electricity; will save electricity for users; will stimulate domestic demand, bring social and economic benefits. After years of development, the company's smart electricity products have a certain development and accumulation; the formation of intelligent home gateway, smart socket core hardware, and PC, tablet, mobile phone, set-top box four categories of intelligent life housekeeper software.

The communications industry has its staggering track of development. Wireless communications market since the rapid rise of smart phones in 2008, the end of the phone only call, send text messages of the times, announced the arrival of a new era of mobile Internet. Home broadband market since 2001 after the "DSL broadband, optical city" two construction climax, but also ushered in the moment of qualitative change to intelligent home gateway products as the representative of the new generation of home connection and control center, announced The arrival of a new era of wisdom

   Smart Home Gateway Intelligent home gateway with intelligent home control hub and wireless routing two functions, the side responsible for the specific security alarm, home appliances control, electricity information collection. Through wireless and intelligent interactive terminals and other products for data exchange. It also has wireless routing capabilities, excellent wireless performance, network security and coverage, and smart home gateways are ideal for your wireless home network.

In the transmission distance and the penetration of the wireless signal, can now meet the 3 bedroom, duplex, thermocline layout of the wireless coverage, for the villa can also basically guarantee the wireless signal coverage of the entire family. So that users do not have to worry about the wireless signal can not reach the limitations.

In terms of hardware, intelligent home gateway has quad-core CPU, 5 core GPU and 16G / 64G large storage space, and standard 6-axis gyroscope technology sense of remote control, with a turbo intelligent cooling system. Support AC dual frequency WIFI, 1200M wireless transmission rate, 4K hard decoding, the output resolution of [3] 4096 × 2160. At the same time intelligent home gateway set high-definition IPTV, private cloud, smart home, intelligent wireless routing, multi-screen games and other functions in one. [3]

Smart home gateway can act as a set-top box, content and love fancy cooperation, but also with Andrews based intelligent system, you can install other software for use. At the same time, also act as a smart home hub, suitable for smart sockets, temperature and humidity sensors, gas alarm, intelligent monitoring, intelligent doorbell and other smart appliances, to achieve a machine of the whole family of intelligent equipment and all remote control by the phone, thus free to customize the whole family The wisdom of life.

  Smart Home Gateway Intelligent home system is one of the core business of power fiber to the home, it is a remote control, energy management, intelligent electricity in an integrated management system. Users through the phone, the computer can install the "smart home butler" software, landing operations center management, remote control of home electrical equipment, improve household safety and temporary. At the same time, you can also through our software to view the surrounding community-related services, telemedicine, video movies and so on. Smart home is a residential platform, the use of integrated wiring technology, network communications technology, intelligent home - system design security technology, automatic control technology, audio and video technology will be home life-related facilities integration, the construction of efficient residential facilities and family schedule Business management system to enhance the home security, convenience, comfort, art, and to achieve environmental protection and energy saving living environment.