Talking About The Environmental Protection Sensor In Automobile Braking System

Talking about the Environmental Protection Sensor in Automobile Braking System
Pilots are all aware that driving in the ordinary road and in the snow, the muddy ground driving brake effect is different, especially in the winter snow days, the simplest mechanical brake system brake may lead to traffic accidents , And some of the relatively high configuration of the car will not be due to the brake accident, the reason is the use of the brake system in the Environmental Detection Sensor, control the strength of the car brake to ensure the stability of the car driving. Today we talk about the work of the Environmental Protection Sensor in the automotive brake system.
Muddy, swamp, snow and other friction on the lower side of the road, emergency braking, easy to lock the wheel and affect the stability of the wheel, and the braking distance increases. In order to avoid this phenomenon and improve the reliability and stability of high-speed vehicles, and now some vehicles equipped with an Environmental Detection Sensor with a brake control system. This system detects the sliding state of the various wheels when braking in the emergency braking and on the slippery road surface. By controlling the brake cylinders effectively, the stability of the braking direction and the safety of the operation are ensured , The main sensor used in the automotive brake system for the Environmental Detection Sensor, also known as pressure switch.
In front of Xiaobian and we introduced the Application of Environmental Detection Sensor in the car, a wide range, and today Xiaobian and we are introduced to the environmental protection industry dedicated to the transport industry, based on the measurement of the temperature of the thermistor Standardized products. Requiring faster response and help to improve the control of the system. Sensors that measure fluid fluid temperature are rugged and easy to install. Threaded packages are designed to operate reliably in a variety of harsh environments. The rapid response time at the operating temperature range of -40 ° C to 150 ° C ensures application flexibility.
Application of PT100 as a sensitive component of the Environmental Detection Sensor, with a solid stainless steel sealed end design, enhanced in the vulnerable environment of the reliability and provide fast response time. The sensor with an integrated connector is designed for use in heavy-duty vehicle engine exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems at temperatures up to 300 ° C. This type of Environmental Detection Sensor can be used for coolant, oil temperature, intake air temperature, fuel temperature and engine body temperature sensing.
Honeywell has an EGT series of Environmental Detection Sensors that can be used in heavy-duty trucks, agricultural and engineering machinery vehicle engines, including built-in fluid temperature sensing and cylinder head temperature sensing. Is a passive, sensitive element for the resistance of temperature components (RTD) detection of high temperature probe. The temperature range that can be measured is -40 ° C to 1000 ° C. The product has a rugged, sealed design that enhances the reliability of the engine in a vulnerable environment while still maintaining fast response times.
Air The Environmental Detection Sensor is an element that measures the absolute atmospheric pressure and can be converted to the amount of electricity that can be treated by the circuit by speaking the atmospheric pressure of the sensing element. In addition to direct measurement of air pressure, you can also indirectly measure the altitude. Many of the main components of the Environmental Detection Sensor are variable-capacity silicon film cassettes. When the external pressure of the variable silicon tube is changed, the single-crystal silicon film box is elastically deformed to cause the change of the capacitance of the silicon plate parallel plate capacitor to control the air Environmental Detection Sensor.
In the application, the air Environmental Detection Sensor, whether in indoor or outdoor environment can make unmanned aerial vehicles, smart phones, wearable equipment and other mobile devices to accurately identify the height changes.
In addition, the air Environmental Detection Sensor internal integration of a number of high-level algorithm can do a high degree of calculation. The most typical application is in the three-dimensional GPS navigation inside. Now many cities have elevated, then you are elevated or elevated, air Environmental Detection Sensor accuracy within 30cm is easy to solve this problem.