Technical Requirements For Application Of Infrared Body Sensors In Agricultural Machinery

Technical Requirements for Application of Infrared Body Sensors in Agricultural Machinery
Infrared Body Sensors production standards is no standard. Different application areas, the technical requirements of Infrared Body Sensors are not the same, which is the Kunlun in 158 industries for the development and customization of more than 3,000 sets of sensor solutions for the reasons. In agricultural vehicle applications, Infrared Body Sensors measures liquid pressures such as liquid fertilizers or measures the hydraulic pressure used to "move plow and farming tools". The choice of suitable Infrared Body Sensors for agricultural heavy equipment vehicles has a significant impact on the reliability and longevity of the sensor itself and the equipment. When selecting suitable hydraulic and pneumatic Infrared Body Sensors for agricultural machinery applications, engineers consider four main parameters: working pressure range, overload and burst pressure, environmental protection class, pressure port and connector type.
1, working pressure range. For all Infrared Body Sensors needs to select a qualified product line and a technology to meet the application of all the work pressure needs of the product line will make the designer's work easier.
2, overload and burst pressure. The overload pressure is the maximum pressure that the Infrared Body Sensors can withstand without affecting the calibration, and the burst pressure is the maximum pressure that the sensor can guarantee that the seal is not damaged or damaged, both of which are the designer's Important consideration.
3, protection class. The working environment of agricultural machinery is so bad that Infrared Body Sensors must be able to withstand very harsh environments. Water, moisture, chemicals and dust; shock and vibration, rinsing, hot and humid environments, all of which must be taken into account.
4, pressure port and connector type. In view of the harsh working environment, the pressure port and the type of connector must be strictly checked to ensure the safety and efficient operation of the vehicle.
As the Infrared Body Sensors are generally in the measurement of high temperature fluid pressure value, so the technical requirements of its installation is more stringent. First, if the Infrared Body Sensors are mounted too close to the upstream of the production line, the sensor is easily worn; the position is too downstream and a stagnant area of molten material may be generated between the Infrared Body Sensors and the screw travel, where the melt may Degradation, the pressure signal may also be transmitted distorted. Of course, the location can not be too deep into the barrel, to prevent damage by the screw. So in general it is recommended Infrared Body Sensors installed in front of the filter on the barrel, before and after the melt pump or mold.
In addition, the mounting hole size of Infrared Body Sensors must be appropriate (thread industry standard 1 / 2-20UNF2B), otherwise the sensor thread is susceptible to wear, sealing performance will be affected, and even security risks. Choosing the right tool to handle the mounting holes helps to control the size of the mounting holes. In addition, in order to prevent the installation of high torque is likely to cause the Infrared Body Sensors slip, usually before the installation of the sensor in the threaded part of the application of anti-off compounds. After the use of this compound, even if the installation torque is high, the sensor is difficult to be moved.
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