Technology Trend Of Remote Control

Remote control is not mysterious, Windows XP system provides a variety of simple remote control means, such as remote desktop connection.

PCAnywhere is a remote control software produced by Symantec. It is powerful and supports almost all network connection modes and protocols. Using PCAnywhere, computer administrators can easily control remote computers on local computers so that computers in both places can work together. . While realizing remote control, PCAnywhere also has a more perfect security policy and password authentication mechanism, thus ensuring the security of the remote controlled host.

In addition, the domestic sunflower remote control software with remote desktop, remote files, remote cameras, remote boot and other functions, very comprehensive and powerful, is permanently free and professional safety of remote control software.

PCAnywhere is powerful, but also has some insurmountable shortcomings: software installation packages are too large, window refresh speed is too slow, remote operation in poor network conditions can feel obvious delays and so on. Remote Administrator avoids these shortcomings, and it can centralize the management of multiple remote computers, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

Most remote control software must be installed at the control end and the controlled end respectively to achieve the purpose of remote control. However, Remotely Anywhere is an exception, it is relatively special in remote control software, its biggest feature is that only in the controlled side to install software and settings, the control side can achieve remote control through IE browser. In addition to remote control functions, it can also perform file transfer, chat, management settings and other operations.

The control end can connect to the main control end by inputting the access code into the code connection box of the special web page or directly inputting a specific URL in the IE browser, which is simpler than other ways to establish the connection.

The above remote control software settings are relatively complex, if the application is relatively single, we can use more simple remote control tools, such tools there are many.

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