Temperature Sensor Is A Sensor That Can Sense The Temperature And Convert It Into An Available Output Signal

Temperature Sensor Temperature transducer A sensor that senses a temperature and converts it into an available output signal. Temperature sensor is the core of temperature measurement instruments, a wide variety. According to the measurement method can be divided into contact and non-contact two categories, according to the sensor material and electronic components are divided into two types of thermal resistance and thermocouple.

    Temperature Sensor The thermometer achieves thermal equilibrium by conduction or convection, so that the thermometer's indication can directly represent the temperature of the object to be measured.

General measurement accuracy is higher. In a certain temperature range, the thermometer can also measure the temperature distribution within the object. But for the movement of small objects or small heat capacity will produce a large measurement error, commonly used thermometer bimetallic thermometer, glass liquid thermometer, pressure thermometer, resistance thermometer, thermistor and thermocouple and so on. They are widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial and other sectors. People often use these thermometers in their daily lives. With the low temperature technology in the defense engineering, space technology, metallurgy, electronics, food, medicine and petrochemical and other departments of the extensive application and superconducting technology research, measuring temperature below 120K low temperature thermometer has been developed, such as low temperature gas thermometer, Pressure thermometer, acoustic thermometer, paramagnetic thermometer, quantum thermometer, low temperature thermal resistance and low temperature thermocouple. Low temperature thermometer requires temperature sensor components small size, high accuracy, reproducibility and stability. The use of porous high silica glass carburizing sintered carburized glass thermal resistance is a low temperature thermometer temperature sensor can be used to measure the temperature range of 1.6 ~ 300K.

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