Temperature Sensor Is The Core Element Of Air Quality Detection

Temperature Sensor is the core element of air quality detection

With the deteriorating air quality in China, more and more people are paying attention and taking measures to protect themselves. Whether it's wearing a face mask, or a new wind in the home, air purifiers, and air health related governance methods are accepted and tried. Portable air quality monitors are also being used in homes.

Some people may wonder, does the epa not provide official detection data? Whether it is the weather app on our mobile phone or the search query online, it is very convenient. Why would you even pay for an air quality detector? But, you know, the official release of pm2.5 data is a particular outdoor testing site in a particular period of time measured by the overall average, indoor and outdoor air quality and the difference is very big.

After all, we have a lot of uncontrollable factors inside. Under normal circumstances, the number of pm2.5 in the home is lower than outside, around a third, and the CO2 is higher than outdoor. If the home stirs, smoking, the pm2.5 levels will explode, and these individualized variables can only be monitored by the purchase of air quality detectors at home.

In addition, the air quality tester can not only meet the real-time monitoring of indoor air data, also can help us to judge the use effect of home air purifier or new fan, and then switch to adjust according to the real-time data changes, air volume and gear. So, for households that have taken steps, air quality gauges are standard.

Temperature Sensor is the core element of air quality testing equipment, pm2.5 Temperature Sensor can detect pm2.5 concentrations in the air, CO2 Temperature Sensor can detect CO2 concentration in the air, semiconductor and electrochemical Temperature Sensor can detect the formaldehyde in air or VOC concentration. If the air quality detector is likened to a body, then the Temperature Sensor is the strongest brain without any regrets.

With the rise of the Internet of things, smart phones, wearable devices, intelligent hardware is closely related to people's life and intelligent household appliances products step by step on the path of connectivity, all created a new space for the development of intelligent home appliances. Behind the boom in smart products, Temperature Sensors can help. For smart appliances, Temperature Sensor plays an equivalent to the eyes, ears, nose and other functions, is intelligence household appliances all analysis data entry, there is no Temperature Sensor of smart home system is undoubtedly the "disabled", there is no self awareness, home appliance cannot be achieved in the true sense of intelligence.

The Temperature Sensor market continues to explode as a result of a smart life experience for users. As one of the earliest manufacturers of Temperature Sensor research and production in China, hanwei electronics is changing from the Temperature Sensor hardware company to the intelligent system solution service provider. "The expertise and quality control experience accumulated in the industry is the advantage of hanwei electronics." Harvest electronics co., LTD., chairman of hong-jun ren said. "after two years of research and preparation, the harvest electronic target hardware, household air health monitoring, gas safety intelligence to 'health and safety class item as the breakthrough point, will harvest electronic professional Temperature Sensor technology, manufacturing technology, combined with the mobile Internet technology, applied to consumer intelligent home appliances market."