The Function Of Door Window Sensor In Intelligent Home System

Smart home system is known to all products and a wide variety, as stars such as router, switch panel products market, seems to be forgotten in the intelligent system also has the important significance of magnetic door system, and today look "neglected" door sensor system, in the smart home have what effect.

The door magnetic system, as the first line of defense of intelligent home security, can be divided into three parts: door magnetic switch, door magnetic sensor (detector) and door magnetic alarm.

Some entrance guard system is based on intelligent bus and the same system platform, so that the smart home intelligent terminal can easily access the door machine and management center, visual doorbell system implementation visitors intercom, messages, pictures and function of entrance guard, become home security to be the first line of defence. These can also be equipped with intelligent sensor card and fingerprint lock, which can realize intelligent linkage, such as the synchronous withdrawal of alarm, and the corresponding lighting or mode.

The working principle of the wired gate magnetic sensor.

Door magnetic switch in the smart home entrance guard system is responsible for the action of magnetic current, electric magnetic (closed), power degaussing (the door), magnetic door installed on the door and door cover, switch installed in the room, used with automatic door closers, generally can withstand 150 kilograms of tension.

Wired door magnetism is embedded more concealed, according to thousands of understanding its induction door and window open and close, is applicable to wooden or aluminum alloy door and window to issue cable often close/often open switch signal. Door magnets are used to detect whether doors, Windows, drawers, etc. are unlawfully opened or moved. It consists of a radio transmitter and a magnetic block. The gate magnetic system is the same as the bed magnetism. Here is a case of gate magnetism.

The working principle of wireless door magnetic sensor.

Wireless magnetic door is composed of wireless transmitting module and magnetic block sections, and the wireless transmitting module, there are two arrows have a "steel reed pipe" components, when the magnet and steel spring tube keep within 1.5 cm, steel reed pipe in the off state, once the magnet and steel spring tube separation distance of more than 1.5 cm, steel spring tube will be closed, cause short circuit, alarm indicator at the same time fire alarm signal to the host.

The wireless alarm signal of the wireless door is capable of transmitting 200 meters in the open field. It can transmit 20 meters in the average house, which is closely related to the surrounding environment. Wireless magnetic door generally adopt energy saving design, when the door is closed it not emit radio signals, consumes only a few microamps at this time, when the door was open, wireless alarm signal immediately launch 1 seconds, and then stop on its own, then even if the door has been open also won't transmitting again.

Wireless magnetic door design also has a low battery voltage detection circuit, when the battery voltage is lower than the 8 v, at the bottom of the LP leds will light up, then need to be replaced immediately A23 alarm is special battery, otherwise it will affect the reliability of the alarm.

Wireless door magnetic sensor is generally installed in the top of the door inside, it consists of two parts: small parts for permanent magnets, inside has a permanent magnet, used to generate a constant magnetic field, the wireless magnetic door is the main body, inside it there is a normally open type dry reed pipe, thousands found that when the permanent magnet and reed pipe very close (less than 5 mm), wireless magnetic door sensors in a state of work waiting for you.

When permanent magnet left dry reed pipe after a certain distance, wireless magnetic door sensors immediately launch contains address coding and its identification number (i.e., data code) of the high frequency of 315 MHZ radio signal, receiving plate is by identifying the address code of the radio signals to judge whether the same alarm system, and then according to their own identification code (that is, data code), which is to determine a wireless magnetic door alarm.