The Main Characteristics Of Temperature Sensor

The main characteristics of Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor to measure the height of the sensor is through changes in atmospheric pressure, therefore in the process of measurement is not affected by obstacles, measure the height range, convenient to move, absolute altitude and relative height measurement can be performed. Through pressure and temperature to calculate the height of the error is relatively large, especially in the surface measurement, influenced by wind, humidity and dust particles, measure the height of the precision affected by a lot, in the high altitude measurement precision is improved. The main characteristics of Temperature Sensor

The principle is to measure the Angle of the Angle between the slider and the base line to convert the corresponding iron plate height. This method is for contact measurement. The sensor of angular displacement has many kinds of sensors, such as potentiometer type sensor, grating Angle sensor, magnetic gate Angle sensor, code disk type sensor, etc. This type of sensor can accurately measure the corresponding Angle of the sensor at the Angle of the traction arm during the spread, which can be used to convert the height of the corresponding ironing. A common feature of angular displacement Temperature Sensor is linearity, wide temperature range and long working life. But due to the Temperature Sensor in the construction of high contact measurement, the sensor on the baseline sliding when easy to cause the vibration on the line, so, this kind of sensor slider vertical symmetrical side often equipped with a balance weight.

1. Measurement of air flow in the outlet

Casing cap air cover is a very effective choice. The application of Temperature Sensor in the detection of central air-conditioning system

Direct reading: avoid the traditional pipeline section to test air volume of tedious work, at the same time due to the turbulent air flow can't realize the outlet test wind speed calculation, and select group of cap type air cover, in order to avoid this problem can directly detect air volume.

The air cap, which causes the measurement error to be large in size, so you need to measure similar coverage of the body size.

According to the size of the tuyere, the test area, the choice and the air outlet area are relatively close to the air cap, the body, and the length of the long time must not exceed the length of the long side of the three vents; The area of the tuyere should not be less than 15% of the border area covered by the body and select the suitable covering body, open the instrument, check the instrument is normal, and make each group meet the requirements of the instrument; Determine the location of the coverage tuyere and the appropriate tuyere is at the center; Ensure that no leakage, observation shows that the value of the displayed value tends to be stable, after reading value, when tuyere air volume and air cap, and measure the part of the throttle body increased ventilation resistance resulting in decreased air volume and, more importantly, in order to eliminate this part of the tuyere air volume less, need to compensate the back pressure.

According to the reading value of wind volume, consider whether the backpressure of compensation should be compensated, when the air volume value is 1500 m3 / h or less, no back pressure compensation, the test value of the wind volume of reading vents; When the wind value is > 1500 m3 / h, the backpressure compensation is used to compensate for the backflow measurement.

Air cover is easy to carry and can quickly read air flow in the vents multi-functional electronic detector.

The sleeve mountain air cover adopts ergonomic design, light weight, convenient personal carry operation, save time measurement.

Diversification: abundant optional accessories, meet the demand of all kinds of parameters measurement, separable digital pressure gauge pitot tube, air flow, temperature, speed of matrix or relative humidity probe can be other applications: test pressure difference, pitot tube to measure wind speed and air volume, portable measure wind speed, wind 16 matrix to select the air flow sensor measuring wind speed and air volume, Temperature Sensors, temperature, humidity sensors, a variety of optional set of cap size to meet the tuyere air volume measurement.