Types And Differences Of Attendance Machines

In modern enterprise management, various intelligent office equipment, such as attendance opening, entrance guard attendance and so on, have gradually entered the public's vision, and these intelligent office equipment also plays a key role in the efficient operation of enterprises. Generally speaking, the functions of intelligent office equipment are as follows: 1. Strengthen the working consciousness and time of employees. Consciousness, and play a reasonable reminder and supervision role. 2. It is convenient for managers to know the key information of company's working time and number in real time, so as to get a set of scientific attendance management plan. 3. Establish scientific, standardized and fair attendance management methods, and implement standardized attendance management model. 4. Intelligent report forms can significantly improve the work efficiency of personnel, administration and internal service departments. There are three popular attendance modes on the market, namely, card swiping attendance, fingerprint attendance and the latest face recognition attendance. But how to choose these attendance machines? Next, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of various attendance machines.

 1. Face Recognition Brake Column Face Recognition Brake Column is generally used in large and medium-sized enterprises, factories, institutions and other places with dense traffic. Some points: face recognition, automatic opening of gate with ordinary gate, queuing function, suitable for places with large traffic, shortcomings: there are certain limitations in the use of scenarios, which need to be combined with the gate.

2. The appearance of swiping cards (or NFC) on attendance appeared earlier, but it did not take long to fade out of people's sight, because many drawbacks gradually made people abandon this way of attendance. Advantages: it can integrate the function of access control card: low recognition rate, many card punching, queuing, easy to forget, lost card, daily attendance, etc.

3. Fingerprint identification attendance fingerprint identification attendance can be regarded as the first generation, or the preliminary intelligent attendance mode, which is also widely used. According to the different characteristics of each person's fingerprints, fingerprint identification can easily distinguish the different identities of different people, so as to achieve the purpose of verifying identity and attendance. Advantages: High recognition accuracy, not easy to repeat. Disadvantages: health problems caused by contact, queuing, easy to be punched (fingerprints), fingers broken, will affect identification, daily attendance in hand, inconvenience, fingerprint capacity and storage capacity.

4. Face recognition attendance face recognition has been developed to today. It can be said that the technology is very in place. The most important thing is to queue up. Queuing for people who are late or anxious to get home from work is indeed a great suffering. Advantages: daily attendance daily attendance is not needed for body contact and hygiene problems. No video card punching or card punching is needed. Daily attendance is also relatively expensive. But with the progress of technology, prices have gradually decreased in recent two years.

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