Universal TV Remote Control Method?

Universal TV remote control method?

Universal TV remote control for searching the correct code:

My home is now universal remote control is used"

1. press and hold the settings button for about ten seconds. The small red light on the remote control will light up and then release

2. press the volume and watch the TV screen again and again until the volume adjustment is displayed

3. press the setting button once, the small red light goes out, OK!!!

1. turn on the power switch for the TV set you want to remote

2. turn the remote control to the TV, press the settings button first, then press the power button, then release the two button. At this point, the work indicator light should be on. If it is another state, repeat the procedure until the work indicator light is on

3. press the volume on the remote control "+" and release, pay attention to the volume on the TV is increasing, repeat this operation until the volume on the TV when the increase is stopped, and then click the "set" button

4. at this time, the work light goes out and the setting is finished.

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