What Is Wireless Smart Gateway?

A gateway in a broad sense refers to an interface connected to another network, such as an Intranet connected to an external Internet, requiring a gateway to be managed and controlled. It is a complex network connection device, which can support the transformation between different protocols and realize the interconnection between different protocol networks. And wireless gateway is refers to the integration with simple routing functions of wireless AP, or wireless gateway through different Settings to complete the function of the wireless router and wireless bridge, can also be connected directly to the external network (WAN), at the same time realize the AP function wireless gateway road generally has a 10 MBPS or 10/100 MBPS mouth wide area network (WAN), multiple (4 ~ 8) 10/100 MBPS LAN front-end ports (LAN), a branch of IEEE802.11, 802.11 g or 802.11 a, b/g wireless LAN access points, with the function of network address translation (NAT) to achieve more users to share Internet access hardware devices.

Gateway router wan mouth can automatically detect or manually set broadband carriers (such as ADSL, CableModem, broadband metropolitan area network) access type, have client launched broadband operators function (as a PPPoE client, however, can also be a DHCP client, also can assign the fixed public IP address, etc.), and on all computers in a network no longer need to install any client software, also need not set any proxy server address. Different types of gateway router also has such as graphical installation wizard (SmartWizard) type, the whole state packet inspection firewall (SPIFirewall), prevent hacker attacks, a virtual private network (VPN), Internet content filtering, logging, antivirus, virtual services or virtual host (DMZ) and many other functions.

It can be clearly seen that wireless gateway refers to the gateway router device integrating the function of wireless LAN access point. But now many wireless gateways can turn on or off the functionality of its wireless LAN access point AP. Because wireless gateway is particularly suited to many of the branch office, family, big, small and medium enterprises market, such as the market in Europe and the wireless gateway device shipments continued to increase, its size as wireless LAN access point AP shipments.