You Know About Beacon?

Beacon, one utility box in the sandbox game Minecraft. Traditional Chinese, said beacon, which was put in the diamond, gold, emerald or a piece of iron (or any combination of these four blocks) structure of the pyramid, can contribute to the functional blocks of the beam in the sky. Beacon box set interface set well in advance, the box is able to provide temporary positive effects within a certain radius of the player. However, if you leave the range, the effect only lasts for 8 seconds, which limits the spread of beacon square. The pyramid must be 1-4 high (excluding letter box) or beacon squares produce no effect. Most effective small pyramids for 1 3x3 base layer.

Beacon of light Max length is 255. Beam length associated with effective layer of the pyramid.

Beacons of light in the block before uninstalling will not go away.

Pyramid beacon can share adjacent squares so that you can effectively create multiple beams or stack multiple effects.

As with other brighter than 12 square, beacon of light can make the ice melt.

Blue Gold stone, red rocks and coal blocks cannot be used as expendable materials.

Beacons of light can cause burn injury to zombies.

12w38a in the Central beacons as a diamond, but the lower bound is applied to the synthesis of star.