Touch Screen Smart Electric Cabinet Locks
Touch Screen Smart Electric Cabinet Locks
Product Details

Electric smart cabinet lock for self-storage control and management

Dusun  design-innovative intelligent locks  for  efficient  self-storage  cabinets  control and management

Smart  Cabinet lock  (without handle)

Smart  Cabinet lock  (without handle)

Smart  Cabinet lock  (with handle)

Smart  Cabinet lock  (with handle)

Multi-modal Access Ways Make them  controlled more easily

Access Methods: 

password + card/ password + Fingerprint + card

Wireless Protocols: 

stand-alone / BT / ZIGBEE 

Smart Electric Drawer Lock - DUSUN

Anti-static up to 20,000 volts

Static problems also involve motor failure and safety.

Passed dozens of electrostatic experiments and tests, antistatic ability is twice more than the industry average (10000V)

6-Digit Password Support Scramble PIN Codes

Can enter any number before or after the correct password.

Effectively prevent passwords from being peeped

Digital Cabinet Lock support scramble Pin password - Dusun

Poly-line Designed Handle for More       than 100,000 times of comfortable       depressions 


Reversible handle design, Unrestricted                              in stallation 

Fingerprint Combined in handle, the                   most efficient unlocking posture 

 Double Locking Dolts for security, whiling                         offering two hooks 

Guided Light Aperture    Designed on the Handle 


    Password/fingerprint/card can be                               sent remotely 

   Support stand-alone / BE /ZIGBEE 
Emergency Power Supply 

Standard Micro USB char              ging port

In the power-off state, it still working with the power supplied from charge                pal outside

Multi-modal Passwords to Meet Different Keyless Entries 
          Dynamic Passwords
       Aging/ Times Passwords

               Ensure to continue work when it                                                   get off the internet 

             Automatically being  invalid  when                exceeds the default time and frequency. 

           Tenant PasswordsSCramble PIN Passwords

      SMS notification after administrator setting 

       Anti-peeping, anti-password leakage


             assword Freeze         Password Capacities

          5 times error passwords will make it enter                        into a 5-minutes freezing mode, while                        administrator can remotely freeze it as well. 

      Maximum 49 sets passwords available for
             every single smart  cabinet lock 

Own-developed Cloud-based Platform For

Self-storage Cabinets Management 

           The platform is  specially developed for the personalization of Cabinets/Drawers                         Locks management, to delivering the functions including the status, personnel ,                                                                    devices and billing .





   Bill  Record   API 


  authorization   management  management   Log  Port
Product Advantages 


     With authority judgment and cabinet lock access controlling and monitoring.

                 Dynamic Control & Monitoring 

          Our smart Cabinet locks are also able to monitor the environmental parameters                      such a s temperature and humidity inside the cabinets,  and upload the data in                                                                      the real time.

               Complete Data Management 

                   The platform collecting various data and recorded for searching, including                           normal data, special events and modification actions made by the authorities                                                           when connecting on the internet.

             Saving Cost 

              No more human guarders for management, no more physical parts                                        (locks or keys) need to be changed for new users. No more traditional                                                                    QR code Tips for temporary users.

                    Control and Managed Even from a distance 

           When the cabinet locks are connecting to the network, they can be controlled, monitored and                                           authorized directly on  our platform from a distance. 

Cabinet Locks’ Partner – Smart Gateway 


     Dusun also provide this smart gateway enabling our cabinet locks to access the internet, communicate and send data back and forth, therefore they could be managed on the Apps from a distance.



   1 gateway can join up about 10 lock                        devices.


     Very easy to deploy, support DIY                          installation

    The gateway can cover maximum               distance about 50 meters.

 Multiple protocols and pass CE\ZIGBEE3.0                           certifications

Room Box Parameters 


ItemIoT Gateway

Power supply

Input voltage:100V~240V AC/50~60HZ  Output voltage:5V/2A

Main material 


Wireless protocol

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Ethernet 
Network accessUplink through the authentication network to access the Internet, and control devices such as smart door locks and smart meters through Wi-Fi and ZigBee protocols.

Control ability
One gateway can connect 40-60 devices with a coverage of 50m (subject to actual conditions)
Interface1个WLAN,1个Mini USB interface(for power supply) 1 WLAN,1 Mini USB interface(for power supply)
Online upgradeSupport OTA online upgrade

                Dusun advanced intelligent cabinet Locks could be widely applied in all public saftey storages, such as self-storage warehouses, Medical or healthcare storages, industrial storages, business&office storages, Luggage storage, military storage,  Library storages, School storages, Atheletic Equipment storages and Museum storages, and even personal furniture storages, and so on.    


Applications – Public Saftey Storages 

        Rapid deployment of outlets, unified                       management of multiple sites

Smart Digital Locks for Public Saftey Storages - Dusun

         Make warehouse go online quickly

 Electronic contracts, electronic invoices to meet                 individual or business users

    Close authorization when overdue, reducing                                  manual calls

Applications – Furniture Drawers 

Smart Cabinet locks for keeping personal belongings and guns safe - Dusun

Give your own personal belongings, valuables

comprehensive protection without key

Warmer and safer

Intelligent Public Self-storages Management Solution 
Main Functions of The Management Platform 

About Roombank 

Room Banker, founded in 2017, with a registered capital of 13 million yuan . A professional solution supplier  dedicated to solve the problem of information collection, dissemination and processing between people, houses and managers by AI(Artificial Intelligence )and Internet of Things T(IoT) technology. More than 100 people , owns many market-recognized products and services

And we are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dusun, which has 13 years of experience in the Internet of Things(IoT) industry.  With partners all over  the industry ,we have strong delivery, production and supply management system

Company mission

Realize the collection and management of housing information with the most professional technology`

Company Vision

Become the most IoT solution provider who understands housing information managers’ requirements

Establish the largest PaaS platform for housing information management

Core Advantages 

         Team Advantages

  The core members of the team are from the Internet of Things industry and have practical project experience in the field of leasing and smart home.

       Technical advantages

More than 130 R&D engineers, most of them have doctor and master degree. Own the unique  self-developing technology of binocular recognition algorithm and Infrared thermal technology

System advantages

The system combines data platforms such as SaaS and PaaS, opens API interfaces to form standard modules.

A Reliable Supply Chain

Based on the resources of the parent company Dusun, which has 13 years of experience in the Internet of Things industry.  We have a perfect and powerful ecological chain. 

Room bank’s parent company - Dusun 


Founded in 2005, Dusun Electron Ltd.,  is the world's leading provider of wireless human-computer interaction and energy IoT solutions. The company integrates design, R&D, production and sales into a whole industry chain. 

which has 13 years top 500  ODM  experience, and supply design  reference for Qualcomm, The processing plant is located in the Moganshan Economic Development Zone in Deqing, with an area of over 20,000 square meters. It has strong R&D and design capabilities, excellent production system and perfect quality control management capabilities.









 OHSAS 18001:2007




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